Fall Crafting: Five Nature Projects to Do in Autumn

Halloween Quilt Projects

A festive holiday bunting celebrates the autumn weather. Is it almost autumn where you live?

I live up north, and although we’re still having our warm-ish days, the nights are chilly, a few leaves are starting to fall, and I just harvested my first bushel of apples.

It’s time to start thinking about fall!

Along with dragging out the long-sleeved shirts and the hoodies, and fighting over whose family we spend Thanksgiving with, autumn is an excellent season for crafting. There’s a whole new color scheme to work with, and fall harvests provide some excellent decorative elements and art materials. Here are five autumn projects to get you started:

  1. Pumpkin pounding. Jack-o-lanterns require knives, but pumpkin pounding is a Halloween project that a child can do independently.
  2. Reverse applique handprint turkey shirts. If you take the time now to pick out the shirts and the applique fabric, and to scrounge up the freezer paper, the project will go much quicker when the handprint turkey mood hits.
  3. Acorn man. There are loads of awesome acorn crafts to do, but if you’re looking to steal just a few more nibbles from the squirrels, then I have two words for you: googly eyes.
  4. Mod Podge preserved leaves. Because you can do anything with Mod Podge!
  5. Autumn tree gift tag.Β Know anyone with a fall birthday? They’ll love a festive handmade gift tag.

What are your favorite autumn projects? Link ’em up!

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