Recycled Craft Room Decorating Ideas

peach crates

Peach Crates

Peach creates are perfect for storing medium sized items. Depending on what condition your crates are in, you may need to clean them with a damp rag or even line them with fabric to protect the contents. They work great stacked as shelves themselves or on shelves as dividers.

Those sturdy, wooden fruit crates aren’t as common as they used to be, but you can track down old ones at yard sales, thrift stores, and antique shops.

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[Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by r_gnuce]

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3 thoughts on “Recycled Craft Room Decorating Ideas”

  1. Oh you are so lucky to be getting a craft room!!!! I would love one of those so I don’t have to spend more time digging stuff out and then putting it away again than I do actually crafting!!!
    Make sure you show us the end result!

  2. I am in the midst of a craft room redo – and turning the entire closet door into a chalkboard with the rest of my paint.Β  A photo frame with a piece of tin in it will be a magnetic board for notes, and a lazy susan from a yard sale find will hold jars with my supplies on a shelf next to my work table, so I can spin and choose without having to reach over other things.Β  A faded camp chair with a “slipcover” will be my hand sewing spot.

  3. Color-Coded Organizing

    Β These are awesome ideas. Peach crates are a great idea for extra storage. Add some paint and give it new life!

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