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Pill Bottle Craft Projects

pill bottle bling

A reader recently wrote in looking for projects to reuse prescription pill bottles. She says she’s used larger ones for storing things like charms and buttons but is stumped about what to do with the smaller sized pill bottles.

One word of caution: if you have leftover pills, you don’t want to just dump them in the toilet or down the drain. Pharmaceuticals, especially hormones, steroids, and antibiotics, don’t break down in the sewage system. Instead, they pollute waterways, harm wildlife, and even make their way back into our drinking water. If you have leftover prescription drugs, find a safe way to dispose of them before you start crafting with the bottle.

Once you’ve finished taking or have safely disposed of the contents, those empty plastic pill bottles are actually useful for all sorts of fun crafty projects! Here are a few ideas to get you going.

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13 Responses to Pill Bottle Craft Projects

  1. i made a coin purse with recycled fabrics and added some bling, then i gave it a good coating of clear glue so it would last a long time.

  2. frogmama says:

    Not exactly crafty, but I liked using the standard 1″ round standard pill bottle for my quarters in my laundromat days. The locking lid meant I could just toss the bottle of quarters into my basket w/o worrying they were going to fall out and go.

    I have also seen them used for coin collections, needles and pins, etc. But I have some large 12-16 oz sized tinted pill bottles with “shoulders” on them that I’ve been throwing in the recycling bin when I’m done with them each month, but I’m looking for ideas on how to use them. Anyone?

    • Maria Rustick says:

      In the bigger ones you can pour laundry detergent and softner. So you don’t have to lug big bottles to the laundry.

  3. Lyllydd says:

    I’m a geocacher.  Gimme a bunch of pill bottles and a roll of camo tape, and I’ll give you a dozen standard film-can-in-the-woods caches.

  4. Dsm2services says:

    I made bud vases out out of the small pill perscrip bottles – check it out at
    little spray paint and glue is all you need.  I used the caps for the base.  I blue 3 finished together, but you could do any number.

  5. Dsm2services says:

    I made bud vases out out of the small pill perscrip bottles – check it out at
    little spray paint and glue is all you need.  I used the caps for the base.  I blue 3 finished together, but you could do any number.

  6. Tiffany27 says:

    We use leftover, thoroughly cleaned, pill bottles to hold salad dressing when taking a salad to work or on a picnic. They never leak and the salad stays crispy 🙂

  7. A|ice says:

    Screwing anything into a tree is harmful. It allows disease and pests to enter the tree and aids in killing it.

  8. Maria Rustick says:

    I wear a mouth guard at night and it has 2 small rubber bands attached which I change every night. I have my clean ones in a old clean medicine bottle and then when I change them out I keep another bottle and toss in the used ones. I have 2 cats that love going through my wastebasket next to my bed. I don’t want them swallowing the rubber bands so I toss them in the bottle and once that fills I will toss the entire thing out.

  9. Kathryn Norton says:

    I sew and use them as sharps containers. Use a permanent marker to write “SHARPS” on the sides and top. I have a small “travel size” bottle to take with me and a larger bottle at home.

  10. Amanda says:

    How do you get the lights to stay in the prescription bottles? glue?

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