Pack a Crafty Lunch: Bento Eye Candy

Ladybug Bento

Lunch time at work or school can be wasteful and quite pricey. If you head to the cafeteria, you’re likely going to spend $6 to $7 for a less than healthy meal on a disposable plate with a side of paper napkins and plastic utensils. Over time, that adds up to tons of waste!

Packing lunch definitely helps in the money department, and if you use a reusable bag, cloth napkin, and reusable utensils it can make a huge dent in terms of waste. The trick is that packing lunch can get….well…boring. That’s where bento comes in.

Bento normally refers to a single-serving meal, often served in a partitioned box. Traditional bento features rice, a protein, and veggies. The great thing about bento is that you can really up the cute content! From adorable boxes to fun fruit and veggie cutters, people fashion some phenomenal bento lunches.

Ladybug Bento

The ladybug in the bento box above is a Japanese pickled plum with pieces of nori for accents. Special veggie cutters were used to create the carrot flowers in the veggie garden and some sliced veggie chicken nuggets were added for protein. Yum!

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