Old Sweater + Organic Ribbon = Cardigan!

sweater to cardigan

sweater to cardigan tutorial

Turning an old sweater into a cardigan is easy peasy. Here’s how!



1. Open up that sweater! Use your yardstick and sharpie to mark a line straight down the front, then cut along that line.

cut here

2. Grab your ribbon, and pin it along the outside neck line of your sweater, then sew along both edges of the ribbon with the tiniest seam allowance you can manage.

sew here and here

3. Pin the ribbon along the cut edges of your sweater. At the top and bottom, you’ll want to fold the ribbon over, so you have a nice, clean edge. Stitch along the edges, just like you did with the ribbon at the neck.

pinned ribbon

4. Once everything is in place, give it a press with your iron, and you’re ready to head out the door!

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