New Year Cleaning: 5 Projects for Your Old T-Shirts

Recycled T-Shirt Projects

If you’re anything like me, the New Year makes me want to reorganize and clean! Often times I go through my clothes to see what fits, what needs to be “retired,” etc. If you can’t refashion your wardrobe like Becky shared yesterday, there are even more options! Hang on to your old t-shirts to try out these amazing projects! For example, perhaps there are some shirts that you would love to keep for sentimental reasons, or one that has a really fun pattern, but just doesn’t fit anymore– these are the perfect shirts to recycle! The only problem you will have is deciding which one of these projects you should try first!

1. T-Shirt Wipe Ups by Miss Sews-it-All

This tutorial from Erika at Miss Sews-it-All makes me wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It’s such a simple concept– use t-shirts instead of paper towels in the kitchen! You can make different sized t-shirt wipe-ups for different tasks like dusting, drying the dishes, or drying your hands. This tutorial requires a little bit of sewing, but it looks very simple. Erika also suggests using the wipe-ups as burp cloths– genius! While you’re cleaning up messes in the kitchen with your new t-shirt wipe-ups, you should be wearing a really cute t-shirt apron too, right? Go to the next page to see how to make a simple t-shirt apron!

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[Photo via Miss Sews-it-All, used with permission]

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