New Year Cleaning: 5 Projects for Your Old T-Shirts

Recycled T-Shirt Projects

2. T-Shirt Aprons by Ruffles and Stuff

Disney at Ruffles and Stuff shares how to create a simple t-shirt apron. This project requires sewing too, but don’t let that discourage you– I just started sewing, but I know this is a project that I could handle. Like Disney said in her post, sometimes we need a little inspiration to make cooking more exciting. What’s better than an awesome apron? You can take your favorite shirt that you’ve worn 1,000 times and wear it as an apron 1,000 more times! I also like the idea of making an apron for a friend using a shirt that matches his/her personality. Up next are two projects that turn your average t-shirt into incredible bracelets!

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[Photo viaΒ Ruffles and Stuff, used with permission]

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