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  • Wedding Bands That Won’t Break The Bank

    Wedding bells are in the air at Green Options. Deb over at our sister blog Feelgood Style is getting married next week, and she recently wrote a fascinating article on greening your wedding. I have a little longer left to plan fortunately and I’m feeling very inspired by an article I found at Portovert on […] More

  • Help Is At Hand

    My fingers are like dried up sausages wrapped in sand paper and the skin on my hands is so rough, dry and cracked I look like I’d be more at home on the beach amongst the barnacles. If its true that you can tell a person’s age from their hands I must be about due […] More

  • Winter Woollies

    Daffodils in the garden, people eating their lunch in the park and the odd overly optimistic choice of clothing can only mean one thing. Spring has sprung! So when I saw this image I thought it could be a great way for our old winter woollies to spend the rest of their days. If your […] More

  • Eggs-tra junk? No thanks!

    When we first discussed a week dedicated to reusing plastic Easter eggs my first thoughts were “what?” So I turned to friends and family for help and inspiration but the replies were all the same: “What are they?” The reason being that this seems to be one of the few holiday-related retail opportunities that the […] More

  • Design*Sponge DIY Contest Winners

    For me, the term DIY dosen’t always conjure up the most inspiring of images. So I wasn’t sure what to expect when Grace Bonney of Design*Sponge announced that she would be running a DIY contest through her Brooklyn-based website. But I needn’t have worried. Over 500 entries were whittled down to a 20-strong shortlist with […] More

  • Careful With Those Bags, Darling!

    After a long running campaign to ban plastic bags in the U.K, Alistair Darling, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, announced this week a plan to introduce a tax on plastic bags. Fantastic news! We can rid the country of an ugly, harmful menace and give ourselves a big slap on the back whilst carrying our […] More

  • Mapping It Out

    Maybe its because I’m longing for a good holiday or perhaps its just that I love the colours and endless possibilities of maps but I’ve been seeing them all over the place recently. This image forms part of a collection of maps belonging to designer Benita Larson via Poppytalk. I love the way they are […] More

  • More is More

    The first time I saw Stuart Haygarth’s work was at Designers Block in London back in September 2005, I walked into a dimly lit room and was confronted with the most amazing visual spectacle. The Tide Chandelier was the first thing I saw, it is an extraordinary mish mash of found objects arranged in an […] More

  • Tied Up in Knots About Recycling?

    Recycling or reusing old materials is one of the best (and cheapest) ways to get eco with your crafting. There are loads of ways to do this but it’s solutions like these that really grab my attention. What I love about these new uses for old neckties is that the objects they have been made […] More