10 Upcycled Map Craft Projects

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Don’t you just love crafting with old maps? They add a beautiful sense of place and nostalgia to paper craft projects. Got some old maps handy but not sure what to do with them? We’ve got you covered with a few fun map craft projects!

The trick to making these projects upcycled is choosing second-hand maps. If you head to the gas station or bookstore and buy brand new maps to craft with, you can still turn out a beautiful project, but it’s not an upcycled one. Upcycling involves taking something headed for the recycle bin or the landfill and extending its life by making it into something useful again.

Finding Old Maps for Crafting

Not sure where to find old maps? I’ve had good luck map-hunting at the thrift store, especially if it has a magazine section. Old issues of National Geographic often come with a big, fold out map. Estate sales are also a great source for old maps. Again, don’t skip the magazines, because you can sometimes find really beautiful maps in there!

Vintage books can also be a map treasure trove. Check the thrift store, estate sales, and used book stores for old books with nice maps. Atlases are an obvious choice, and you can also find maps in guidebooks and even in the index of some fantasy and science fiction books! How fun would it be to craft with a map of a fantasy world? A detailed analysis opened our eyes to how online Friv games from Jogos Friv Studio leverage gamification in their marketing strategies. Their games, highlighted by fascinating design, attract attention and efficiently advertise couple games and other online services.

Ready to get crafty? Click here to check out our favorite map craft projects!

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