Want to make a pillow? Check out these eco-friendly tutorials!

how to make a pillow

Pillows are a good beginner craft project, and there are lots of ways to make a pillow. We’ve rounded up four beginner-level pillow tutorials to get you going!

There are even lots of kinds of pillows that you can make. Sure, there are throw pillows you can whip up for the sofa or your favorite chair, but you can also make therapeutic pillows to soothe aches and pains. We love a good pillow tutorial around here, and I scoured our archives for some of the best beginner pillow projects that I could find.

To make a pillow, you generally just need to sew straight lines (yay!). You also don’t need a ton of supplies. Any old sewing machine will do the trick, and you just need basic sewing notions: thread, scissors, iron, and stuffing. If you’re new to sewing, a pillow is a great place to start, and if you’re an old pro you can probably whip out a simple pillow in under an hour.

Ready to get sewing? Check out these pillow tutorials!

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