10 Recycled Kid Art Supply Storage Ideas

These are the upcycled kid art supply storage ideas I'm looking at for my own kid's messy art stash.

Are your kid’s crayons and paint brushes getting out of control? These are the upcycled kid art supply storage ideas I’m looking at for my own kid’s messy art stash.

These are the upcycled kid art supply storage ideas I'm looking at for my own kid's messy art stash.

My son is three, and his love for art is starting to really bloom. Before, he enjoyed coloring or painting when I offered, but now he sits at the little art table in our kitchen and requests specific supplies. It’s time for me to step up my storage game to create something that he can access but that keeps supervision-needed supplies out of reach. These are some of the art storage ideas inspiring me right now – it’s probably going to take a couple of solutions to give our kitchen art area all of the storage it needs!

10 Recycled Kid Art Supply Storage Ideas

Wondering what to do with your old bathroom cabinet or vanity? Turn it into a pint-sized DIY kid art table!

1. Art Table with Storage – The best art table is one that also hides some (or all!) of your kid’s art supplies. Make this one using old cabinetry from a kitchen redo or the Restore.

2. Diaper Boxes – Even cloth diaperers buy disposables once in awhile. Diaper boxes are sturdy and great for storage. They even have little cutout handles! Cover them in pretty paper or paint them. Or, if you’re lazy like me, just fill it with stuff and stick it into a bookshelf. I’m using an old diaper box in my own craft room, and I may just ask a friend to save me some to help wrangle my kid’s supplies.

3. Fabric Boxes – Of course, these coffee sack boxes are even cuter for storing art supplies, and you can make them any size that you need.

4. Old Hanging Shoe Rack – Score an old hanging shoe organizer at the thrift store, and hang it on the door to your kid’s room or playroom. Stuff it full of art supplies. The ones that require adult supervision go up top, where little hands can’t reach. We use an old shoe rack to store cleaning supplies, and IΒ am keeping my eyes peeled for another one at the thrift for kid art supply storage!

5. Can It – I am in love with these crayon holders made from old fruit cocktail cans!

6. Hanging Cereal Boxes – This tute is for making hanging file boxes, but you can scale and use the same idea to store kid craft supplies like paper, markers, paint brushes, etc.

7. Hidden Hanging Buckets – Instead of new vinyl, use the top part (aka the non-moldy part) of old shower curtains to make these sneaky storage containers.

8. TP Tube Vertical Storage – These are intended to hold toy cars, but they’d work great for small supplies, like crayons, markers, and brushes.

9. Suitcases – Stick bigger supplies that can stand up to a little knocking around, like a boxes of clay, into vintage suitcases, and slide them under the bed. They’re so pretty, you might even let this storage solution double as decor!

10. Make an Art Station – I’m floored by this gorgeous, upcycled kid art station that Stitched by Crystal shared at So You Think You’re Crafty!

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  1. My little kiddos are so into it! When I tried to turn an old desk into a new one, so they can use it for their toys and drawing stuff, my son wanted to help me and his little curly sister’s eyes were watching how I drew flowers with paint on the desk.

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