Jewelry Made from the Pages of Your Favorite Book

made by Jeremy MayLittlefly in the UK has created something truly unique, jewelry made from the pages of books.

Now I am completely torn on this topic.

On one hand I adore books and destroying one is like blasphemy to me. On the other hand the beauty of these wearable works of art, these “literary jewels” by designer Jeremy May are so stunning and so unique that I think they are simply gorgeous.

Let me show you some of the designs and you be the judge.

Here is how Littlefly describes the jewelry:

Paper is many things: a carrier of text, illustration, history and emotion.

Jeremy May has captured the beauty of paper via a unique laminating process. Littlefly jewellery is made by laminating hundreds sheets of paper together, then carefully finishing to a high gloss. The paper is selected and carefully removed from a book, and the jewellery re-inserted in the excavated space.

Each piece is impossible to replicate, and is unique to the wearer. The beauty of the jewels extends within the piece: text and images pass all the way though the object, only exposed at the surfaces – giving a tantalising glimpse of the book within.

ring made from the pages of a book

What do you think? Aren’t they beautiful?

Littlelfy book necklaceLittlefly makes rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and earrings from the pages of books.

bracelet made from booksI just hope the books used to create these pieces are recycled or upcycled books that are otherwise damaged or unreadable (pages missing, pages ripped, water damage, etc). What do you think? Is this an acceptable form of reuse?

9 thoughts on “Jewelry Made from the Pages of Your Favorite Book”

  1. Crafty Green Poet

    To be honest I think these are quite ugly. I think if a book us unuseable either because it is in really bad condition or its totally out of date then this kind of reuse is great. But books in good condition that aren’t out of date should be donated to second hand shops or to community care projects etc

  2. I’m not a fan of the jewelry, it’s a little gaudy for my taste, but I have been planning on making paper beads out of an old book I have. I love the book, but it’s been damaged beyond reading at this point and I feel like upcycling will give it new life.

  3. I think they are fascinating and wish I could afford one.

    Considering how many books (even perfectly good ones, not out of date) end up in landfills every year – this is a wonderful recycling craft.

  4. ON the Littlefly site it doesn’t exact;y say where the books come from- I do hope they are saving them from Landfills. I hope they aren’t just going out an dbuying books to make the jewelry.

    I personally like the rings. The rest is too much for me, I don’t wear big, clunky “mod” jewelry but I love the rings I would love to have one.

  5. LOVE IT!!! Love the large scale used. Gaudy-not…this type of jewelry is worn by people who have great style and the personality to go with it. Really makes a statement.

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