Recycled Bottle Cap Necklaces

joy bottlecap necklace Via shopping blog Great Green Goods, I found these cute necklaces made from reused bottle caps.

Syncopation Company was founded by two women who found that staying at home with their kids meant reevaluating their consumption patterns. The challenge of balancing budgets led to the realization that often, things we would otherwise throw away could become the raw materials for creativity.

In addition to the bottlecap necklaces, Syncopation has jewelry made from watch faces, watch gears, spoons, mah jong tiles, hardware, rulers, bottle openers, rain gutters, vintage tape measures, marbles, phone buttons, and much, much more.

Their blog has all of these items, so take a look for inspiration or to pick out a gift or two. Every item is one of a kind, but if something you want is marked “Sold” you can always ask them to create something similar.

Remember, if you start your holiday shopping NOW, you won’t be panicking (as much) in mid-December.

Written by Skye Kilaen

Skye Kilaen began sewing at an early age and eco-rabble-rousing shortly after that. Many years later, someone finally told her that there are books about how to make quilts. Life was never the same. In fact, she spent more on her sewing machine than her car. Bringing her green and crafty passions back together, Skye is now happily discovering ways to create beautiful and useful objects using thrifted and sustainable materials. No, that's not just an excuse to visit Goodwill more often. Honest.


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