How-to: Replace the Straps on a Tank Top

How to Replace the Straps on a Tank Top (4 of 4)

Have you ever found a great piece of clothing, got super excited about it, brought it home, tried it on just one more time, and then…the fatal flaw appeared?

Such was the case with the above tank top, acquired at a clothing swap, which seemed to fit the kiddo just fine at the time, but when she tried it on again at home the shoulder straps were just too long. Kids like to be comfy, and a kid constantly hiking up the loose straps of her tank top is NOT a comfy kid.

Fortunately, there’s not an easier clothing modification to make than swapping out the shoulder straps on a strappy tank top. It takes just a few minutes to do, and it completely changes both the look and the fit of the top. Here’s how:

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