How-to: Pretty Packaged Mason Jars for Gift Giving

Mason jar packaged with a record album cover gift tagIf you give a lot of homemade gifts, you’re probably well aware of the versatility of the Mason jar. Perfect for everything from spice mixes to cranberry granola, party mix to cake in a jar, Mason jars get passed around between me and my crafty friends and family like the holiday version of hot potato.

The only thing about Mason jars is that..well…they look all the same. Sure, they’re lovely enough, but so uniform! Fortunately, with a little fabric, some thread, and a bit of upcycled cardboard, you can package your Mason jar gifts for the holidays, personalizing them by gift or recipient or just making them look nicely festive.

fill up your Mason jarFirst, fill up your Mason jar in a way that looks pretty. Admittedly, there’s not a lot of flair in my homemade lavender and rosemary laundry soap (I know, I know–it doesn’t sound like such a super gift, but I swear that the recipient is going to love it!), and things like homemade spice mixes will already need to be blended before you fill your jars, but if you’re giving a gift like a homemade chocolate chip cookie kit, or a selection of freshly-cut herbs, layer them into your jars in a way that adds interest.

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Written by Julie Finn

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