How-to: Make Felt Superhero Badges

badge glued
Grab another piece of felt in the border color. You’re going to use this to cut out your letter. I cut my letter out freehand, but you can print a letter out to trace, if you prefer. The key is that it should hit the edge of your background piece of felt on the left, right, and top. It’s OK if it’s a bit smaller, since the border will make up the difference.

Now, you’re ready to glue! Grab your fabric glue, and glue down the letter exactly where you want it on the piece of background felt. Then, glue the felt border felt on top, carefully adjusting it so it’s flush at the edges. This might take a little bit of finesse, since felt is all move aroundy.

Let your letter and border dry for at least 30 minutes, and then you’re ready to attach the pin!

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  1. Very cool!Β  Thanks so much for sharing. I’m wondering if you might have found a link for the style of alphabet you used (I’m not very good at drawing)
    You sure posted a fun project!

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