How-to: Make Felt Superhero Badges

superhero pattern
To make the pattern, I traced a Superman logo onto a piece of scrap paper. Easy peasy! Cut out the paper, and you’ve got a pattern read, cut the two badge shapes out of your felt – one in each color. One color is going to be the badge background and the other color will be the border and letter. Decide which is which.

cutting border
Set your background felt aside for a moment, and grab the piece of border felt and your pattern. Trim your pattern down by 1/2″ on all sides, then pin that to your border felt. Cut out the inside of the felt, so you’re left with a border. You can toss the inner part into your scrap bin.

Next >> Making your letters and assembling your badge.

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  1. Very cool!Β  Thanks so much for sharing. I’m wondering if you might have found a link for the style of alphabet you used (I’m not very good at drawing)
    You sure posted a fun project!

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