Help Is At Hand

sheabutter-main.jpgMy fingers are like dried up sausages wrapped in sand paper and the skin on my hands is so rough, dry and cracked I look like I’d be more at home on the beach amongst the barnacles. If its true that you can tell a person’s age from their hands I must be about due for retirement.

I love my job but sewing and handling fabric all day long can be really tough on your skin so I think it might be time to try my hand at something a little more rejuvenating.

This tutorial from Jessica Gonacha at Indie Fixx sounds like fun, I’ve never attempted to make my own cosmetics before but it’s certainly the green way to go and for a beginner I’m impressed by how simple this recipe sounds. Plus I’m always drawn to instructions that can be described as ‘fudgeable.’

So this weekend I’m going to abandon the sewing and treat my hands to something of their own.

If, like me, your thinking “where am I going to get jojoba oil or raw shea butter?” don’t worry she has also posted up a handy list of stockists.

My hands aren’t going to know what’s hit them.

Written by Emma Henderson

Emma Henderson launched Showpony in 2006 with an aim to produce fun and engaging printed products for the home and accessories market.

Trompe l'oeil meaning to ‘trick the eye’ is a theme which runs through much of Emma’s designs, from hiding bugs within the folds of her cushions or using vintage images on modern shapes. Inspired by honesty in nature and poking fun at real life she creates products that are functional and beautiful.

She is passionate about creating new products but remains committed to sustainable design all of Showpony’s products are made using organic cotton which is hand spun and woven by a fair-trade cooperative.


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