How-to: Make a DIY Restaurant Review Log Using the Eco-Friendly Materials from Full Circle Crafts (and a Giveaway!)

restaurant review log tutorial (9 of 13) Need some encouragement to try out more local, independent restaurants? To get us out of our same Mexican restaurant/same pizza place/same frozen yogurt shop jag, I had my kids help me create a travel-ready book in which we can store info for a ton of local restaurants that we want to try, as well as record when we ate there, what we ate, and how we liked it.

With pockets for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Treat, and more (including, ahem, Buffet), choosing a new restaurant to try is as simple as picking a card.

I’ll show you how we made our restaurant book using the eco-friendly supplies given to us by Full Circle Crafts, and–best yet–tell you how you can enter a giveaway to win even more Full Circle Crafts supplies:

Our restaurant book has pockets that hold cards containing the info for new restaurants to try.
Our restaurant book has pockets that hold cards containing the info for new restaurants to try.

To make our restaurant review log, we used the following supplies:

restaurant review log tutorial (1 of 13)1. Add background embellishments to your book. To give the book some color, I let the kids at it with the acrylics. These eco-friendly acrylics have low or no VOCs, so they’re fine to use indoors on this rainy day, and they dry really quickly, so the kids had the front and back covers and every inside page completely painted by the end of a single day.

2. Add pockets. Using watercolors and my special Faber-Castell Pitt pens (I REALLY need to buy them their own set!), the kids decorated each library pocket. The pockets were intended to represent the various categories–Take-Out, Breakfast, etc.–but most of the pockets seem to contain pictures of pizza. And dinosaurs.

We glued one pocket to each page using the natural glue. I was prepared to use hot glue or Aleene’s for this, since each pocket will need to hold the weight of several embellished playing cards, but this natural glue is really sticky, and worked for everything in the book.

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Written by Julie Finn

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