How-to: Healthy Fruit and Cheese Dinosaurs

healthy fruit and cheese dinosaurs (5 of 5)

Want to throw a party for a kid and NOT serve a bunch of crap to eat?

That was my challenge for my kiddo’s recent dinosaur-themed seventh birthday party. No potato chip “dinosaur scales,” no jelly bean “dinosaur eggs,” no dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets or snack crackers or grocery store cookies.

It may take a little imagination to see the dinosaur in these healthy fruit and cheese dinosaurs, but kids have a ton of imagination. They also have a love of fun food, and, yep, a love of wholesome apples, grapes, and cheese.

Because of the toothpicks, these dinos aren’t for a toddler’s party, but this herd of healthy, edible dinosaurs looked pretty cute on the snacks table at my kiddo’s birthday party, and they were a big hit with her and her friends, ages ranging from five to eight. Here’s how to make them:

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2 thoughts on “How-to: Healthy Fruit and Cheese Dinosaurs”

  1. Those are super cute!

    Could you make a veggie tray into the shape of a dragon? Purple cabbage leaves would make pretty cool wings.

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