How To: DIY Scrap Fabric Pulls

How To: DIY Scrap Fabric Pulls

This week I finished a fabulous little side table for my craft and furniture booth. I bought the table without knobs and it was hard to find new ones because the doors are so close together. I saw Primp’s tutorial on fabric pulls on Pinterest and decided to make my own single pull version! Here’s what I started with:

How To: DIY Scrap Fabric Pulls

What You Will Need:

1. A scrap of fabric

2. Scissors

How To Do It:

1. Cut out a small strip of fabric.

2. Knot one end of the strip. You can leave a little bit of fabric on the end to have something to “pull.”

3. Then, place the other end of the strip in the hole of your door/drawer.

How To: DIY Scrap Fabric Pulls

4. Knot the other end of the strip. Make sure the knot is as close to the door/drawer as possible.

5. Cut off any excess fabric from the back.

How To: DIY Scrap Fabric Pulls

Don’t the pulls make such a huge difference? I love the pop of color, as well!

How To: DIY Scrap Fabric Pulls

You could easily change the fabric to match the color scheme of your home, too! What color would you choose?

Looking for other ways to use your fabric scraps? Check these projects out:

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