5 Projects You Can Make Using Leftover Fabric Strips

fabric strips
When I use fabric that I’ve thrifted, such as bed sheets and pillowcases, I end up with tons of leftover strips of fabric. Luckily, there are so many wonderful projects that you can create using some simple strips of fabric left over from another crafting endeavor. Here are five ways that you can use up those fabric strips you may have acquired over your crafty years.


1. Braided Bracelet

This video shows us how to create a very simple and easy braided fabric strip bracelet. Make some for your friends and bring back the days of friendship bracelets.

woven rug

2. Woven Rag Rug

If you’ve acquired tons of strips then a good way to use them up is to create a nice rag rug for your home. Over on Craft Passion, there is a great how-to on creating a no-sew, woven rag rug. I love that the “loom” is recycled cardboard.

fabric ragbowl

3. Fabric Bowl

Over on Craftstylish, there is a great tutorial for creating a sewn fabric strip bowl. It’s amazing what some scrap fabric strips and clothesline can create!

fabric wreath

4. Wreath

I like the idea of having something that’s considered holiday decoration and translating it into something you can have in your home year-round. This fabric strip wreath tutorial, from The Cottage Home, will keep your home feeling colorful and cozy, no matter the time of year.

braided headband

5. Braided Headband

Over on Lu Bird Baby, there is a great project for a quick braided headband. Depending on how many fabric strips you have, and in what colors, you can create a different one for each day of the week.

What are some of your favorite projects for using up strips of recycled fabric? Do you have any projects or ideas that you would love to share? Leave some comments, suggestions, and links.

[Fabric strips image by heatherknitz via Flickr Creative Commons, Braid image by fatseth via Flickr Creative Commons, Woven rug image via Craft Passion, Fabric bowl image via Craftstylish, Wreath image via The Cottage Home, Braided headband image via Lu Bird Baby]

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