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Craft Booth Ideas: Promote Your Website Through Picture Frames

I’m selling lots of old and vintage picture frames in my booth. I’ve painted them so they look rejuvenated, but I hate how the cardboard glares through the glass. I decided to make my own “filler” that not only solves the boring cardboard problem, but promotes my website as well!

Craft Booth Ideas: Upcycle an Old Shutter into a Unique Display

I got two shutters from a garage sale and was eager to see how I could incorporate them into my booth. Using shutters as a display is not a new idea, but nevertheless, I wanted to give you a few ideas of what you could do in your craft booth with old shutters.

Craft Booth Ideas: Recycled Paper Price Tags

In addition to my dry erase price signs, I need to price each item individually with my booth code. Many antique/art stores do this in order to keep track of which booth earned money. Instead of using new price tags from the store, why not make your own from recycled paper? They’re so much cuter and way more eco-friendly!

Craft Booth Ideas: Upcycled Dry Erase Price Signs

In last week’s post, Bubble Gum Machine Button Display, I shared that I am opening my own booth at a local antique/art shop. I’m sharing all of my eco-friendly display ideas, so here’s another one– upcycle small picture frames into price displays!

Craft Booth Ideas: Bubble Gum Machine Button Display

2013 begins a new crafting chapter for me– I’m opening my own booth in a local antique/art shop! I know a lot of you might have your own booth or are interested in opening one, so let’s share our eco-friendly display ideas together!

Make Bookmarks from Girl Scout Cookie Boxes

15 Girl Scout Cookie Box Crafts

Feel less guilty about polishing off that box of Thin Mints. Save the cardboard for one of these Girl Scout Cookie box crafts!

To Do: Grow Your Crafty Business

Do you have a green crafty business? One of the hardest parts of running a green business – after sourcing ethical materials – is spreading the word. You can make the most beautiful organic dresses or upcycled jewelry in town, but if you’re not marketing yourself effectively, chances are no one is going to know.

Recycled Craft Room Decorating Ideas

We’re building an addition on our house, and when it’s all finished up, I’m going to have my very own craft room. Right now, my husband and I are sharing the front office of our house, but soon he’s going to move his music and writing stuff into his own office, and I am planning to totally redo the room to make it a crafty sanctuary.

Of course, no craft room would be complete without some good storage and organizing solutions! Here are some of the recycled ways I’m hoping to deck out my new studio.

Teacup Crafts

How To: Upcycle a Teacup into a Chalkboard Business Card Holder

We’ve shared an Altoids Tin Business Card Holder, which is great for taking your business cards on the go, but what about displaying your business cards on a desk or table? I was looking for a unique way to display my business cards at my craft booth and here’s what I came up with– upcycle a teacup into a chalkboard business card holder!

How To: Update a Vintage Cookie Jar

While garage saling last week, I came across this unique vintage cookie jar for $4! I wanted to sell it in my craft booth, but the paint was faded and cracked. I think it goes without saying that the owl has pretty creepy appearance as well. Here’s how you can fix up that vintage piece next time instead of passing it up.

How To: Twine Memo Board

I had an empty picture frame for my craft booth, but I wanted to take it to the next level. To make it pretty and useful, I made it into a twine memo board!

Upcycle an Embroidery Hoop into Colorful Wall Art!

I have quite a collection of embroidery hoops, and I’ve done projects like Embroidery Hoop Easter Eggs and Embroidery Hoop Pumpkins. Even so, I bought more embroidery hoops at a garage sale in order to make colorful wall art pieces for my craft booth. Here’s the first one that I came up with!

β€œI Love You” Wall Art

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share one of the pieces I just put together for my craft boothβ€” “I Love You” wall art!

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