How-to: Create Upcycled Pinwheel Party Decorations

pinwheel skewer
Skewer Method

To skewer your pinwheel, grab your bamboo skewer or chopstick, and gently work the pointy end into the long side of the cork. Don’t push too hard. The method that worked for us was to sort of gently push and twist at the same time, until things felt secure.

To display your skewered pinwheels, you can stake them in the ground along a garden bed or path. You can also arrange a few in a vase to add a little whimsy to your tablescape.

hanging pinwheel

Hanging Method

If you opt to hang your pinwheels, flip the cork over to expose one round side. Use your serrated knife to cut a slit about 1/4 of the way into your cork. The idea is to wedge the twine into this slit, so your pinwheels can hang facing down, so you’ll pin the pinwheel to the other round side – the one that doesn’t have the slit.

When they’re done, you’ll string your pinwheels onto your twine, spacing them out by at least a few inches each, then string the twine up across the ceiling or between posts in your garden.

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