DIY Beauty: Make Your Own Facial Scrubs for Any Skin Type

3 DIY Face Scrubs for Any Skin Type

So you’ve treated yourself to a little handmade spa action, and your skin is feeling fantastical! Now, you just need to maintain that healthy skin. Check out these facial scrub recipes for dry, normal, and oily skin!

3 DIY Face Scrubs for Any Skin Type

The best way to apply your scrub is to gently massage it on with a damp washcloth, and make sure you rinse your face thoroughly when you’re done. Also, don’t miss the easy peasy toner recipe at the very bottom!

A word of caution about these scrubs: you don’t want to exfoliate every day. Once or twice a week is just perfect for maintaining healthy, glowing skin! More than that can cause oiliness, dryness or breakouts as your skin compensates for the “lost” moisture. You’ll want to mix up very small batches- enough for just one or two uses – since these recipes are food-based and won’t keep for too long on the shelf.

1. Dry Skin

To help ease dry skin, you’ll want to gently exfoliate while also moisturizing. ehow has a fantastic scrub that uses olive oil and avocado to moisturize and sugar to smooth. If your skin is exceptionally dry, follow this up with a little bit of olive oil to moisturize even more. You might also try drinking more water to treat your skin right from the inside out!

2. Normal Skin

To gently moisturize and exfoliate normal skin, try mixing a bit of sugar and baking soda with enough sesame oil to form a paste. If this feels a bit too oily for your skin, you can also try half oil and half honey in the mix.

3. Oily Skin

We knew oatmeal was good for your insides…who knew it was great for your face? You can make a simple oatmeal scrub by combining equal parts ground oatmeal and deeply steeped, cooled chamomile tea. Add a little bit of honey and a drop of tea tree oil, and you’re ready to scrub. This recipe also works with spent coffee grounds in place of the oatmeal. Invigorating!

No matter what your skin type, you might enjoy following this up with a soothing green tea toner. Just steep the tea for about 10 minutes and let it cool. Put it in a spray bottle and spritz on or apply with a clean cloth. Voila!

Have you guys made any great facial scrubs or toners? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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10 thoughts on “DIY Beauty: Make Your Own Facial Scrubs for Any Skin Type”

  1. In the normal skin recipe you say “This recipe also works with spent coffee grounds in place of the oatmeal. Invigorating!” but the normal skin recipe doesn’t include oatmeal, the oily skin recipe does. You might want to move that recipe replacement idea down one recipe.

  2. I love to add a few drops of tea tree and lavender essential oils to witch hazel, and spritz a bit on my clean, washed face before bed. I’ve also made facial masks from bentonite clay, distilled water, and raw honey — very, very cleansing.

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  4. I made my own toner mixing: green tea, tea tree oil, aloe vera & rice water. I keep it in the fridge and apply it in the morning after exfoliating w baking soda & washing Dove soap. After the toner dries on my face, I moisturize w a few drops more of tea tree oil. It works really well for a puffy morning face and tightens my pores. Not to mention, it makes my skin soooooo smooth!

  5. I thought my wife, had lost her mind! She was rubbing coffee grounds on her face. I was taken back. I was ok with the creams, but this was weird. Now, I know why she always looks so youthful. I shall call ahead before arriving home!!!

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