Handmade Reviews: DIY Disinfecting Wipes from Homemade Cleaners

DIY Disinfecting Wipes from Homemade Cleaners (1 of 1)

Oh, the temptation of Clorox wipes and Lysol wipes, and even store-brand disinfecting wipes!

That bleachy smell! That grab-and-go convenience! Those poisonous, germ-killing toxins!

Homemade CleanersIt’s not right that I have to drench my house in toxic chemicals just to keep the puke bug away. Natural cleaning is always the goal, even when you want to disinfect. Fortunately, by following the recipe in Homemade Cleaners, by Mandy O’Brien and Dionna Ford, homemade, non-toxic disinfecting wipes are an easy DIY project.

I doubled the recipe for disinfecting wipes found in Homemade Cleaners, then raided the scrap bin to sew some cloth wipes. Here’s the tutorial for baby-sized wipes–mine are washcloth-sized, about 7″x8″.

Leaving the doubled recipe for disinfectant at the bottom of a quart-sized Mason jar, I roll up and cram ten of my cloth wipes into the jar. Leave them for a few hours, and the disinfectant will get soaked up evenly by all the cloth wipes.

I keep my Mason jar of disinfecting wipes in my bathroom, where I think it looks pretty on a shelf in front of my washboard (which I use) and next to my mouthwash (which I ought to use more often). One cloth wipe, just damp when I take it from the jar, is the perfect size to wipe down my small bathroom–tub rim, sink, toilet, and even a bit of the floor in a pinch. When the cloth is used, I toss it into the dirty laundry, and when I do the laundry, I fold each clean and dry cloth wipe and stack them next to the Mason jar. When the Mason jar is empty of wipes, I make a new double-batch of disinfectant, roll up and cram in the cloth wipes, and begin again!

The homemade disinfecting wipes aren’t the only cleaning supplies from Homemade Cleaners that I use; another time I’ll tell you about the homemade dishwasher detergent that I now use, or how thieves’ oil will forever save me from getting the puke bug.

I received a free copy of Homemade Cleaners, because I can’t review a book unless I’ve used it to perform chemistry with tea tree oil and vinegar.

9 thoughts on “Handmade Reviews: DIY Disinfecting Wipes from Homemade Cleaners”

  1. I recently stitched up about 100 tissues (and I have about 100 more to go) made from flannel after we realized that Emma’s nose turns into a raw bloody stump when she uses regular tissues. These might actually work out for disinfectant wipes as well!

  2. This looks like a good idea–though how effective is the olive oil/baby soap combo for disinfection? I’m not a germaphobe, and have switched to mostly natural cleaners, but I do like to keep the Lysol wipes around for the really gross jobs like cleaning the toilet and wiping down the kitchen island after cutting up meat. So I would be a little concerned about that.

    1. The disinfectant recipe from Homemade Cleaners isn’t olive oil and baby soap. It’s still natural, but strong enough that you would use it to clean your toilet and you would not use it to clean your baby’s butt.

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  4. Recently, I have made my own disinfectant for laundry and it really worked well. But after reading your post, I found this recipe interesting and good for home. As I believe in natural products, so I will definitely buy some products from this homemade cleaners. Julie…you have solved my problem as I am planning to buy some things for home and this homemade cleaner is the best option. Thank you so much for this informative resource.

  5. Do I need to pour the solution over the cloths jest before using or can I keep the cloths in a jar with the liquid for use whenever? I want to make some of this up for each of my bathrooms and one for the kitchen.

    1. You can put the cloths and liquid in a jar with a well-fitting lid–that’s what I do, and it works just fine. That does, assume, though, that you’ll replace the cloths and switch or clean the jar every month or so. I had one jar of wipes that I forgot about, and even with the tea tree oil in the solution, the tops of the cloths did get mildewy.

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