5 Upcycled Party Decorations {slideshow}

4. Upcycled Pinwheels

pinwheel party decorationDon’t toss those old magazines and catalogs into the recycle bin! Pair them up with wine corks and quilting pins to make pinwheels that really spin. You can string these together to hang them up high or add a bamboo skewer and use them to line the path at your first spring garden party.

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  1. I make my own streamers to by upcycling tissue paper. One party can overload you with the stuff but if you save it for your next party they’ll make great streamers. What you do is cut the tissue paper lenghthwise, I cut them 3 inches wide. Using some matching yarn and a wool needle I skewer the strips onto the yarn. You can make them tight or loose, crinkle the paper up or you can cut the strips with pinking shears or pattened scissors to add texture. They can be solid or you can alternate colors. Many possibilities and I find them so much easier to hang! For my father’s 80th birthday we had the grandchildren each make one about 3 feet long, then they attached a paper cut out to the end decorated with glitter paint with birthday messages or pics and we just hung them straight down from the ceiling.

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