Handmade Holiday (Last Minute) Gift Wrap Tips from Green Expert Danny Seo

Over the Summer on our sister site Feel Good Style, we shared the book Simply Green Parties by Danny Seo, and now for the winter holidays I’m pleased to present his classic book on green gift wrap.

Pictured here is the cover of Simply Green Giving: Create Beautiful Gift Wrapping, Tags and Handmade Treasures from Everyday Materials. The how-to manual on eco gift wrap includes:

“clever ways to recycle ribbon, cards and paper from presents people give you. Last, but not least, there are gorgeous last-minute gift ideas that don’t look like an afterthought and are gifts people will actually love.

A few highlights:

* Use an old cardboard globe as a gift basket
* Use colorful wood cigar boxes as handsome gift boxes for homebaked treats
* Recycle old books into a ring boxs

Shown below are a couple more of my favorite gift wrap ideas from Danny:

  1. Homemade gift filling: Don’t use polluting styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap, instead for fragile gifts try natural fillers like fresh pine or real peanuts.
  2. Turn wine and champagne into something fun and festive like wrapping them in the funny pages. If you are off to parties this season and plan to bring wine gifts to your hosts, try this fun wrapping tip we also feature on our sister site Eat.Drink.Better.

Above image of pine gift packing by yours truly.

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