Green Crafts at American Craft Council Atlanta

wooden rings

Reclaimed Wood Rings by Susan C Muphy

I was drawn to Susan Murphy’s booth because of the beautiful, earthy display featuring burlap, moss, and wheat grass. While not all of her jewelry is recycled or eco-friendly, the lovely rings above were too amazing to skip. That isn’t just any reclaimed wood. Susan tells me that she collects her scrap wood from old airplane cabins! I wish I’d asked how she finds these cabins, because I think that might be the most interesting story of reclaimed materials I’ve heard in quite some time.

It was great to see so many artists using reclaimed and ethical materials at such a mainstream show, and I wish I could have covered every single one that I talked to! There are several other American Craft Council shows across the country, including one in Baltimore and San Francisco. Have you guys been to any of the other shows? What was the green craft scene like?

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