Five Upcycled Crayon Crafts

melted crayon canvas art

Ah, crayons…such versatile, waxy, brightly pigmented goodness! My little girls have a couple of nice boxes of unbroken, new-ish crayons reserved for schoolwork and special art projects, and a giant bin of broken, half-wrapped, stubby, old crayons, gathered here and there and everywhere, that we use for everything else.

Old crayons may seem like a nuisance to have underfoot, but they are incredible art supplies, and you can make some surprisingly sophisticated creations with them. Here are five projects, from canvas art to kid crafts, to get you started:

crayon encaustic art tutorialYou can color with crayons, sure, but you can also do a lot of other things with that wax and pigment. For beautiful abstract canvas art, try your hand at crayon encaustic art–all you need are some unwrapped crayons, a canvas to work on, and a candle!

To easily unwrap a crayon, slice the paper wrapper all the way down the side of the crayon (carefully!) with an x-acto knife, then simply slip the wrapper off.

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3 thoughts on “Five Upcycled Crayon Crafts”

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  2. The melted crayon canvas artwork is pretty neat and have now seen them everywhere. I would not however consider it to be upcycled at all though since they are new, personally I think it would of been more useful to donate to a kid/school (as far as talking about upcycle, reduce and whatnot) but hey that’s just me and my HO…

    1. Good point! You could probably make a crayon canvas work by using half-used crayons that are still in their wrappers, or at least still have some wrapper to work with. We homeschool, and so we have a couple of nice boxes of “school” crayons, mostly so that I know that my kiddos have a complete box with a full spectrum of colors for their schoolwork. If a crayon gets more than 1/3 used, however, it’s too hard for little fingers to get it out of the box, and so I generally replace that color and toss the used crayon in our crayon crafts bin. Those different-sized crayons might make an even more interesting crayon canvas…

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