Five Upcycled Crayon Crafts

layered melted crayon shaped like a rocket popIf I have a little more time on my hands, however, I prefer the neater, more professional appearance of layered crayons. You can make these in your standard muffin tins, as well, but if you have any re-usable popsicle molds that you’re willing to hand over to crafts, then you can experiment with a wider variety of crayon layers and patterns and colors.

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3 thoughts on “Five Upcycled Crayon Crafts”

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  2. The melted crayon canvas artwork is pretty neat and have now seen them everywhere. I would not however consider it to be upcycled at all though since they are new, personally I think it would of been more useful to donate to a kid/school (as far as talking about upcycle, reduce and whatnot) but hey that’s just me and my HO…

    1. Good point! You could probably make a crayon canvas work by using half-used crayons that are still in their wrappers, or at least still have some wrapper to work with. We homeschool, and so we have a couple of nice boxes of “school” crayons, mostly so that I know that my kiddos have a complete box with a full spectrum of colors for their schoolwork. If a crayon gets more than 1/3 used, however, it’s too hard for little fingers to get it out of the box, and so I generally replace that color and toss the used crayon in our crayon crafts bin. Those different-sized crayons might make an even more interesting crayon canvas…

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