10 Craft Ideas for Recycled Felt

craft ideas for felt

We love recycled felt around here! It comes in a rainbow of colors, diverts plastic waste from the landfill, and is just a joy to cut, glue, and sew. Do you need some craft ideas for your stash of recycled felt? We’ve got you covered with these 10 projects!

Not all crafting felt is recycled, so check your labels carefully when you’re shopping. Kunin makes Eco-Fi or Rainbow Classic felt, and this is the only brand of felt I know of that’s made from recycled plastic. Synthetic crafting felt is always a petroleum product, but when you choose recycled felt for your crafts, you’re using fewer new materials.

Got a pile of felt burning a hole in your crafty stash? Click here for our list of recycled felt craft projects!

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  1. We love our eco felt too! It has been made into clothing and beds for toys, and currently is being used for our clothesline pocket advent calendar and the horse head for the stick horse (made with found stick) that is the first advent calendar day prize

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