Feeding the Birds: Yarn-Wrapped Suet Cake Tutorial

homemade yarn wrapped suet feeder (2 of 2)

What’s more charming than feeding the birds?

Not a lot, at least according to my kiddos. They love to watch birds at our bird feeders, and yet you can drop a lot of money on all the kinds of bird food and all the kinds of specialty bird feeders there are.

Fortunately, many of this bird food is easy to make, and bird feeders can be even simpler to craft. For instance, got some stash yarn? Bonus points if it’s tangled! If you’ve got yarn, and the few ingredients needed to make suet, here’s a tutorial for a yarn-wrapped suet cake–easy to make, easy to wrap, simple to hang, fun to watch when the birds find it. It’s a kid-friendly craft the whole way through!

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2 thoughts on “Feeding the Birds: Yarn-Wrapped Suet Cake Tutorial”

  1. While I think this idea looks cute and I applaud your interest in birds and helping them, this is a very unsafe bird feeder. Birds can get tangled in yarn and especially when suet gets soft on a warm day, the yarn will end up hanging in long loose strings. Young birds learning how to feed and cling are especially vulnerable.

    It is already recommended that if you put yarn out for nesting material that it be no longer than six inches because birds can get tangled.. Please revise or remove this feeder.

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