Review: Knit Picks Full Circle Yarn

Knit Picks Full Circle Bulky Yarn in Royal

I’ve written before about making fiber crafting a successful experience for my two young kiddos, so you know by now that when it comes to them (and their knitting needles carved from dowels and their hand-painted little knitting spool–squee!), I’m a picky momma.

I want the yarn that my children craft with to be made of natural fibers, to be easy for fumbling little fingers to work with, and to be comfortable on their delicate skin. I would like their yarn to also be both texturally and visually interesting, to hold their attention while they build their muscle memory and practice their fine motor skills.

Knit Picks Full Circle yarn, specifically their offerings in the bulky weight, is, in my picky opinion, the perfect yarn for a child.

knitting with a knitting spool using Knit Picks Full Circle bulky yarn in HollyhockKnit Picks Full Circle yarn is a 100% wool yarn, which makes it a pleasurable yarn for children to work with. Yes, acrylic may be cheaper, but it’s harsh on your fingers, and children, whose skin is so much more sensitive, really do need a natural, comfortable yarn to work with if they’re to enjoy the fiber arts. For vegan crafters, cotton is also an excellent option, but if you’re amenable to working with wool, in my opinion its texture is a great option for children. In particular, the Full Circle bulky weight proved easier for my five-year-old to manipulate than most other yarns–using the bulky yarn, she finally mastered her knitting spool!

Mind you, my kids don’t care, but this particular Knit Picks yarn is special to me because not only is it natural, but it’s also recycled–the Full Circle brand of yarns is made by blending three different types of wool fibers that would normally be discarded. I don’t know if this specific method is what makes the texture what it is, but as you can see in my top photo (of a finished cord made using our knitting spool), the fuzziness of that thick yarn made for an interesting texture that held my girls’ interest while they practiced their handwork on the knitting spool. The colors of the yarn are also super-saturated and gorgeous–the purple of Hollyhock is very purple, and the blue of Royal is very blue.

If natural, recycled, kid-friendly yarn strikes your fancy, then you should know that not only is Full Circle yarn 10% off throughout the month of April, but Knit Picks is also giving an additional 10% of the proceeds from Full Circle sales to the Arbor Day Foundation in honor of Earth Day.

Or…are you feeling lucky? Tomorrow I’ll be posting a giveaway from Knit Picks, with two (count them, TWO) lucky winners who will each win three skeins of Full Circle yarn. Check back right here at Crafting a Green World tomorrow to enter.

5 thoughts on “Review: Knit Picks Full Circle Yarn”

  1. I would love to try some of that yarn out!!! I have 3 kids I’ve been wanting to get into knitting with me =)

  2. Pamela Narveson

    This yarn sounds awesome. I love to knit, but there are days where my rheumatoid arthritis makes it difficult. This yarn sounds perfect for my fumble finger days. The texture and bright colors are sure to make a hard day brighter!

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