Review: Inca-Eco 100% Organic Cotton Yarn from Galler Yarns is Good for Wrapping Things

Inca-Eco Yarn from Galler Yarns

When choosing yarn for a small child to craft with, it’s tempting to go for the cheapest acrylic yarn ever made. You know that your kid, however much she may express a wish to make pom-poms or try out her knitting spool, is going to do more tangling than actual creating, and quality yarn can seem too pricey to risk wasting.

However, we all know how much better we, ourselves, craft when we use quality materials. And think about how much more likely a kid is to really love working with yarn if the yarn that we hand her feels good in her hands, is beautifully dyed, and does exactly what it’s supposed to.

That’s why when Galler Yarns offered me a skein of Inca-Eco, their line of 100% organic cotton yarn, to play with and review, I thought about scarves and washcloths and fingerless gloves, and then I mustered the strength to put those thoughts aside and instead ask my younger daughter, “Hey, Syd! What color do you want for your very own yarn?”

stuff wrapped in Inca-Eco yarnPurple is what she wanted–or, rather, Wine, in Inca-Eco parlance. I can tell you that Inca-Eco is approximately 100 grams and 140 yards to my skein. Syd can tell you that “there’s so much of it!” and “it’s light as a feather!” as she tosses it up into the air over and over again, in the process hopelessly tangling it beyond all repair. Oops!

And then, of course, she let the kittens play with it, because everybody knows that kittens like nothing better than a good tangle of yarn.

When we finally got back to business (several days later), I asked Syd what she’d like to do with her yarn. I imagined getting out the knitting spool, or perhaps finally putting together the little wooden loom her grandmother gave her for Christmas. Instead, she suggested, “Let’s wrap stuff in it!”

Which is actually kind of cool, when you think about it…

Syd first wanted to wrap, you know, her library books, and her stuffed tiger, but the yarn is so beautiful, and such a lovely color, that I did insist that we wrap something nice with it, something that we could enjoy for a long time, perhaps something to decorate her room.

We eventually settled on wrapping one of the plain wooden shelves in her bedroom, to serve as a nice place to put her best treasures. The shelf is actually a simple, unfinished wooden board, held by brackets to long wall-mounted bars that the brackets hook into, so there was space in the back to pass the yarn under the shelf without me having to get out the screwdriver. I taped one end of the yarn to the bottom of the shelf, the kid and I wrapped, and when we reached one of her gigantic tangles I just cut the yarn, taped down the end, found a new piece that seemed relatively tangle-free, and we started again.

Inca-Eco yarn has a lovely texture for a child–it has some underspun and some overspun areas, leading to an almost handspun appearance, that seemed fascinating for Syd to trace with her fingers. I also appreciate the fact that the yarn is made from 100% organic cotton, and that its dyes are low-impact and environmentally-friendly.

And the fact that it almost exactly matches the tulips in our front yard, so that we obviously had to wrap a Mason jar to make a matching vase? Well, that’s just a bonus!

If you’re interested in following along with the rest of the Inca-Eco blog tour (some other crafters actually DO knit with their yarn, I swear!), here are the remaining ports of call:

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You also may want to check out the Galler Yarns blog, where they’re posting free patterns using Inca-Eco yarn every Friday during the blog tour.

Full Diclosure: I (or rather, my kid) received a free skein of Inca-Eco yarn from Galler Yarns, because I can’t review something unless my daughter has had a chance to try wrapping kittens in it!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this fun wrapping project! I think your daughter and I come from the same school of yarn play – my cat has to be involved with most of my skeins, even if I have to pay for it in tangles later!

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