Fabulous Fabrics: Pippijoe Hemp (Australia)

hemp print fabricWhat is going on down under, folks?  There are some rockin’ fabric makers in Australia,

Pippijoe is another great source for limited edition, hand screen printed fabrics.  They print on both a 55% hemp / 45% cotton blend and a 100% hemp fabric using environmentally friendly inks. The fabrics are described as “soft to touch and feel like linen” and perfect for “crafts, bags, clothing, soft furnishings and light upholstery” and a heavier base weight fabric is available for projects that need something sturdier.

Pippijoe’s Etsy Shop offers mix packs and a couple of the fabrics, or you can buy fabrics by the metre on the main Pippijoe site.  Different fabrics have different prices, from about $16 to $35 per yard in U.S. dollars for 30″ wide fabric.

The Pippijoe blog will get you up to date with all the happenings and cute crafty ideas.  I was definitely laughing when I read her post about refurbishing an old chest:

I found this chest in the last hard rubbish throw out. Much to my husband’s dismay I am one of those people who loves to make treasures out of other people’s trash. It’s hereditary. I won’t go into how many projects my mum has on the go! I brought this home under the cover of darkness and secreted it away until I had time to do something with it.

Let’s see, hallmarks of the compulsive crafter… Taking other people’s garbage, check!  Lots of projects going on at once, check!  Employing stealth to disguise the accumulation of craft supplies, check! Yes, this woman is definitely one of us.

More About Hemp Yarn, Fabric, and General Grooviness:

Written by Skye Kilaen

Skye Kilaen began sewing at an early age and eco-rabble-rousing shortly after that. Many years later, someone finally told her that there are books about how to make quilts. Life was never the same. In fact, she spent more on her sewing machine than her car. Bringing her green and crafty passions back together, Skye is now happily discovering ways to create beautiful and useful objects using thrifted and sustainable materials. No, that's not just an excuse to visit Goodwill more often. Honest.


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  1. Another beautiful fabric from Australia. I followed up your article on Thea & Sami, and included dresses in their Iron Lace collection on the ‘Fair Trade & Organic’ page of our website (www.looklovely.net). Thanks for another interesting find in Pippijoe Hemp.

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