Yearn Worthy Yarn: Aurora Silk, Hemp

Hemp yarn
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I know that we’ve covered hemp yarn before from Lanaknits and Autumn talked to us about macrame , but it was Leslie’s quest to try natural dye that got me to take a second look at Aurora Silk’s Hemp Yarn.

At first look this yarn from Aurora brings to mind all the stereotypes that Skye talked about when she profiled hemp fabrics. But no it is Not Marijuana.

Hemp yarn is derived from the growth of industrial hemp, a different species of it’s more famous cousin. Industrial hemp grows fast without the need for much pesticides or herbicides. The fiber harvested from the plant is more commonly known as bast. Bast fibers are long and very strong and can be woven or spun to make fabric, rope or yarn.

Aurora offers three hemp yarns: Bulky 3-ply, Sturdy Singles and Very Fine, Fawn 2-ply. All of Aurora’s yarns are harvested in Europe with organic practices and spun in the United States. Their yarns come in their natural color and they encourage experimentation with natural dying processes and kits.

My favorite is the 2-ply. It is soft and fine and makes me want to get in my kitchen and try a natural dying process. It also looks to be perfect for lace work or a fine shawl or scarf pattern. Their Sturdy Singles is perfect for macrame, among other uses, and the Bulky 3-ply definitely has the “traditional” hemp look but is much softer than other hemp yarns.

Image credit: Aurora Silk

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