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Monarch Hand Spun Chunky Organic Cotton Yarn A little while back Skye told us about Recycled and Fair Trade Beads and gave us a lot of good suggestions as to where to find them. One on her list was Ecobutterfly, an online shop dedicated to crafting and the environment. Among the recycled glass beads, Ecobutterfly also offers a wonderful array of organic yarns.

Inspired by her Grandmother, Stephanie, the owner of Ecobutterfly, has pursued knitting and yarn with en eye to the environment. Ecobutterfly stocks yarns that are not only organic but also fair trade. She offers Peruvian Flamme Cotton Yarn, Eco-Rainbow Lace Organic Cotton Yarn, Fine Hemp Yarn, Kusikuy Organic Cotton Yarn (more on them later), Monarch Organic Cotton Yarn and Pakucho Organic Cotton Yarn. This shop is an eco-yarn lovers dream!

All the yarns are vegan, plant based organic and either come in their natural color or dyed using vegetable dyes or low impact dyes. The stock also represents a wide range of weights from chunky to lace weight; offering something for every knitter.

The Peruvian Cotton Yarn is very interesting and holds much history. It dates back to the eighth millennia, where the Inca name Pakucho meant brown cotton. Today it is grown with organic standards and without the use of petrochemicals. It is found in many natural shades including natural, cream, beige, brown, avocado and mauve. Ecobutterfly offers Pakucho in 12 different shades including forest green, moka chocolate and vanilla cream. Yum!

Beyond selling recycled glass beads and organic, fair trade yarns, Stephanie has also made a commitment to make her shop as green as possible. In her own words from her shop:

When shipping the items on this website I use high % post consumer recycled paper, recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials. My business cards are printed on VERY eco~friendly 100% hemp card stock. No tree recycling at its best. I keep unnecessary paperwork for shipped orders down to a minimum. All the information is sent via e-mail for customer’s records so that they can print it out if they like. I want people to feel good about their purchase from Ecobutterfly and that they know it makes a difference in the world for the environment and for the people.

Ecobutterfly is also a member of the Organic Trade Association and Co-op America . Stephanie clearly cares deeply about making positive changes in our crafting materials.

More Eco-Friendly Fiber and Yarn:

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