Fab Fabrics: Limited Edition Hemp and Organic Cotton from PickNatural

Alright, so by now it’s pretty clear that I am a hemp fan and in love with organic cotton and those lovely hemp/cotton blends. Really, though, can you blame me? There are so many gorgeous options out there, and just when I think I’ve discovered them all, someone sends me a page including a fabric blend that I’d never seen before and prints that knocked my socks off!

Check out these beautiful fabric swatches:

PickNatural’s limited edition line has some gorgeous prints and all of the stuff you’d expect from an ecofriendly fabric vendor: organic cotton, hemp, and blends of the two. They also have some recycled hemp/organic cotton blends! Alongside the expected though, is this intriguing hemp and silk charmeuse blend! Have any of you guys used a hemp/charmeuse fabric before? Charmeuse is silk with a sort of satiny finish. I bet that blend is luxurious!

PickNatural is part of a larger import and wholesale company, so they’re looking like a great resource for you crafty business owners hunting for Earth-friendly fabrics! I’m digging their mission statement, too:

Throughout the years, while striving to be a reliable and trustworthy source for fine products at reasonable prices, we firmly believe that we can achieve this goal by consciously choosing natural resources that are good for our environment and selecting labor practices that do not violate human rights. We are happy to be in a green and clean business, and hope you are too.

Not only do they think about the environment, but they look for fabric suppliers that use fair labor practices! Like most wholesalers, they don’t list any prices on the site, but you can request a price sheet. If you’re looking to order from them, check out their ordering details here.

Image Credits:
Got Hemp? Creative Commons photo by The Truth About…
Fabric Swatches via PickNatural

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