Fab Fabrics: Block-Printed Hemp/Cotton Blends from Home Sweet

I’m loving these hand-printed fabrics from Home Sweet! Artist Jennifer Nelson’s nature-inspired designs are totally gorgeous! She block-prints all of her 55% hemp 45% organic cotton fabric by hand using water-based inks.

Hemp and organic cotton are both great green fabric options, and blends like the ones from Home Sweet give you the best of both worlds. Hemp uses fewer pesticides to grow than conventional cotton. It also nourishes the soil where it’s planted and is a great oxygen-producing plant.

Conventional cotton farming accounts for about 25% of the world’s pesticides. Not only is it hard on the environment, it’s hard on the folks who produce it. Much of the conventional cotton we use use comes from India, where companies like Monsanto are forcing the farmers into such crushing debt that Indian cotton farmers are committing suicide at an alarming rate. Choosing organic supports the market for sustainable cotton crops, ones that large agriculture and chemical corporations do not control.

Home Sweet’s fabrics are more than just beautiful: they make a difference. Talented designers like Jennifer Nelson make Earth-friendly crafting easy! You can snag her fabrics on the Home Sweet Etsy shop or request custom yardage.

[Image Credits: Photos courtesy of Home Sweet. Used with permission.]

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