Fab Fabrics: Karma Kraft On Demand Fabric Printing and Sewing Services

Karma Kraft Home PageThe popularity of on demand fabric printing continues to grow in the craft and design communities.  We have shared with you before a couple on demand printers like Spoonflower and Fabric On Demand.  Today I would like to introduce you to one of the newest on demand print services called Karma Kraft.  But Karma Kraft is way more than just a digital printer, they have taken the on demand service to a whole new level.

I originally discovered Karma Kraft through an ad on True Up and now they have a fabulous interview with Karma Kraft founder Susan Lu.  With a background in the textile industry and a passion for the craft and design communities, it was only natural for Susan to create Karma Kraft to advance the accessibility of on demand fabric printing.

So what sets Karma Kraft apart from the rest?  To start with they have a fabulous selection of base fabrics, some of which are not available from other printers.  They offer 100% cotton and can print up to 58″ widths.  They also offer printing on silk, polyester, and polyester suede.  For a more eco-friendly option they offer a linen/cotton blend or a 100% linen.  They plan to offer other base fabrics in the future including hemp, wool, ramie, and rayon.  Another feature I particularly like is your printed fabric is hung to dry in a high temp room that helps set the dye in the fabric, but also the fabric is washed after printing.  With this process you shouldn’t experience any colorfastness issues.

Another distinguishing feature of Karma Kraft is there color matching options.  They print in standard CMYK colors, but to offer more color options they provide multiple channels for designers.  You can order the Karma Color Blanket featuring 7667 colors you can specify for use in your design.  Alternatively you can use colors from the Pantone TPX guide or the Sherwin Williams Color Palette.  They also offer a special service for $10 to prepare your file for you with the correct color separations.

Probably the biggest difference between Karma Kraft and the other on demand printers we have featured is the Karma Kraft Cut and Sew Services.  For a modest fee, usually around $10 per piece, you can have your fabric cut and sewn into pillows, scarves, dog beds, bags and more.  No more ordering fabric and having it lay around waiting for you to sew it up, instead you can have it all done by Karma Kraft.  They can even help you print fabric for a custom surf board.  The possibilities really are endless.


6 thoughts on “Fab Fabrics: Karma Kraft On Demand Fabric Printing and Sewing Services”

  1. Wow. I went to college for textiles 30 years too soon – I can just imagine the uses…Thanks for sharing the info.

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  5. Jay Trolinger

    Well…Karma Kraft WAS great, anyway! I sent them a re-order for silk scarves two months ago and, while they were quite happy to charge my credit card, they didn’t print or confirm my order, they aren’t returning email and their phone box is full. I’m pretty sure they’ve pulled up stakes, so let the buyer beware!

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