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Fabric On Demand LogoOne way to minimize waste in craft and quilting projects is to have your own custom fabric printed in exactly the amount you need.  On demand fabric printers have made a big splash in the craft community over the past year with Spoonflower getting the bulk of blog press.  They certainly got our attention when they proposed adding an organic cotton option.  Spoonflower’s current offering is 100% Moda Cotton and they are currently testing an upholstery-weight cotton sateen.

Fabric On Demand is another service based on the same concept.  Their price is slightly higher for 100% cotton than Spoonflower, but they currently have 4 other fabric options including fleece, duck cloth, a poly/cotton broadcloth, and a micro-denier suede.  You can order a free swatch sample of each.  Fabric On Demand also allows you to order unlimited continuous yardage, where as Spoonflower allows up to 3 yards.

Spoonflower has a Fabric Of The Week contest where users can submit their original fabric designs for the rest of the community to vote on.  The winner receives 5 yards of fabric printed with any of their own designs.  Fabric On Demand has started a Craft Of The Week contest featuring unique craft projects that customers have made with their fabric panels.  The winner recieves 1 free yard of fabric.

Although, we’d love to see some organic or sustainable base cloth options for printing on demand, we still appreciate the flexibility and opportunity to print as little a swatch of fat quarter for a special project.  These on demand fabric services are also giving crafters an opportunity to network with other designers and to try their hand at fabric design.

Want to try it out for yourself?  Both Spoonflower and Fabric On Demand want you to be successful.  Fabric On Demand fabric layout services include e-mailing you a proof of your design for approval before it is printed.  Spoonflower allows you to see a proof of your layout right on their website before you order.  Spoonflower also has a complete FAQ page that includes links to other blogs giving tips for first-time fabric designers.

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  1. I recently received my first order from Spoonflower– was fortunate enough to win a blog giveaway that featured a gift certificate to there + the assistance of an Etsy Spoonflower designer. It was a really great experience, and I’m quite excited to use the fabric!

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  3. This is great! Thanks for the information on both of these companies. I have been wanting to design some fabric since I’ve gotten into cotton prints. I think this is a sign!

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  8. Will be more excited about this when they actually change their copyright terms of service. Spoonflower looks a little better, but is not great at all. Fabric on Demand’s is positively scary. Don’t want to upload anything till that’s changed. (In fact, waited to use Zazzle till they changed this one thing.)

  9. If you are having trouble getting the print and color quality that you need try http://www.craigsprints.com .Located in NYC they are doing great work for individuals, artists, companies that need product development, broadway shows, and even tv commercials. They have been well schooled in fabric printing by having to satisfy the very demanding NY market.

  10. I ordered some rush fabrics from Spoonflower- they did arrive in time, but in a package from china. Does Spoonflower outsource to overseas to print? It sure appears that way. I’d be surprised if she can keep up with the demand in house.

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