Fab Fabrics: Hand-Printed Organic Cotton from Sarah Waterhouse

Organic Fabric Sarah Waterhouse

Sarah Waterhouse hand prints her cheery – and sometimes cheeky – designs onto every yard of organic cotton that she creates.

Ethical crafters who work with fabric are so lucky! There wasn’t always such a wide selection of beautiful organic fabrics for us to work with. Thanks to printing services like Spoonflower and savvy block printers like Waterhouse, there almost feels like there’s no end to the gorgeous organic fabrics we can choose from!

Since everything is hand-printed, every piece of fabric that she creates is one of a kind. I think she describes is well in her own words:

I use no machines to print my fabrics, only good old fashioned hand printing skills, every print run is slightly different which makes my fabrics truly unique.

Organic Fabric Birdcages Sarah Waterhouse

Waterhouse works out of Sheffield, England, and she uses all GOTS-certified organic cotton. Choosing certified organic fabrics is a reliable way to know that you’re getting what you paid for. You can read more about what GOTS certification means here!

Not only does she use sustainable fabrics, but her inks are kind to the planet, too. Like her fabrics, her inks are GOTS certified, which means they don’t pollute and poison waterways as she’s working.

You can find the full line of Sarah Waterhouse fabrics in her Etsy shop, and if you see a design but want a different color, she’ll even create custom yardage just for you!

Do you design eco-friendly fabrics? We’d love to feature you! Send an email through our contact page with a little bit about you and a link to your shop.

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