Fab Fabrics: Fall/Winter Line from ten14 organic textiles

organic cotton from ten14 organic textilesWe’ve covered the beautiful, bold prints from ten14 organic textiles before, and I’m drooling over Josi Severson’s new line of fabrics for fall and winter!

Josi was kind enough to send some samples of her newest designs my way, and I have to say that they are just gorgeous! She’s got four weights available in different patterns:

  • Organic Cotton Voile – This is the lightest weight of the three, perfect for clothing or any project where you want things to move a bit. If you used a stabilizer, you could still use the sateen in heavier duty projects like pillows and other housewares.
  • Organic Cotton Sateen – Sort of a medium-light weight, the sateen is very versatile. It might be a bit light for something that’s going to get a lot of heavy wear, but if you used stabilizer, you could even use it for the body of a purse or a pillow.
  • Organic Cotton – A medium weight cotton, this one is super versatile! It would pretty much work for anything from quilting to housewares.
  • Organic Cotton Twill – The heaviest weight, this is perfect for making pillows, recovering chairs, and other heavy projects you’re working on.

Josi is calling this line the Calm Before the Storm collection, and I love the earth tones that she chose for her geometric designs! Priced at $10-$13.50 per yard, this is some very affordable organic cotton fabric. My favorite design in the new line is probably Follow Me, which comes in the heavier twill.

Follow Me TwillShe was also kind enough to tell me a bit about the dyes that color her fabrics:

The printer I used only uses inks that are free of plastisols and pthalates (which are essentially forms of plastic) making them safer for humans and the environment. Normally, printing does involve either of these chemicals to increase their adhesion to fabric; I do use a water based binder that helps maintain the colorfastness in all of the fabrics.

Eco-friendly dye, organic cotton, and beautiful designs to boot? Yes, please!

You can find ten14 organic textiles online in her Etsy shop or at brick and mortar shops Sew L.A. CA, Sown Design Portland, and Gather Here Cambridge MA.

Do you create Fab Fabrics? I’d love to chat with you about your eco-friendly textiles! Hit me up at becky AT importantmedia DOT org.

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