Fab Fabrics: Geometric Prints from Ten14 Textiles

turquoise leaves jersey

Ten14 Textiles prints bold, geometric designs on a variety of different organic fabrics and even offers custom design for a fabric that’s 100% unique!

Josi Severson was a fashion design major at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, but when she learned about print and textile design, she was smitten. She started getting into textiles about six years ago, and Ten14 grew out of her love for fabric and design. All of their textiles are printed on organic fabrics using non-toxic, no-VOC dyes. Josi says that creating eco-friendly fabric is important to her because

I wanted to do designs that were sustainable after learning that there were printing processes that were less harmful to the environment. I began sourcing organic fabric based on that.

limeade fabric
She’s been drawing for her whole life, and while she says she isn’t sure what inspires her to create geometric patterns, it sounds like a very organic process from how she described it to me. Josi explains that, “This just comes from sitting down and forming the relationships between lines.”

Ten14 Textiles can print these bright, modern designs on cotton canvas, sateen, batiste, and jersey. If you’re doing a custom design, you can even source your own fabric! How fab is that? Eco-friendly, versatile, and beautiful. You can find Josi’s fabric designs on the Ten14 Textiles website.

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