Extreme Upcycling: A Dress Made from Dryer Sheets


Vancouverite Katherine Soucie turns used dryer sheets into fantastic pieces of clothing.

As she mentions in the video below, dryer sheets are not biodegradable, yet they’re made to be used once and then sent to the landfill. Rather than let that happen, she’s gathered up dryer sheets from the building where she used to live and turned them into a beautiful, intricate dress and top! Here’s the video:

My only concern with this project is that dryer sheets often use pretty harsh chemicals to get that clean and fresh scent. I know, it’s kind of funny that I’m feeling hesitant about making fashion from something we use to scent our clothes, but it does worry me a bit.

What do you guys think? Do the benefits outweigh the costs? I’m inclined to think they do, but I’d love to hear your take!

[Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by solarimages]

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3 thoughts on “Extreme Upcycling: A Dress Made from Dryer Sheets”

  1. While I applaud Katherine for her creative approach to saving our landfills from yet another NON-biodegradable product, I too am a little concerned at the use of these rather dangerous sheets for reuse. Often times they are full of EPA toxins and chemical carcinogens which can easily be absorbed thru our skin even after they have been used in the dryer. An alternative, try using an all natural dryer sheet.

  2. I think using dryer balls would be better for the Environment. We don't use dryer sheets but this is ingenious. I just wonder how durable and sheet it is. Great story!

  3. Are these fused together the same way plastic bags are? How many layers does it take? I don't think I would make clothing this way, but a messenger bag could be fun.

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