DIY Upcycled Clothing for SUMMER!

summer sunflowers

When the weather gets hot, the hot get crafty! We’ve rounded up a few video tutorials on how to turn clothing castaways into sassy summer gear.

We have been seeing some serious temperatures here in Atlanta! Highs have been in the 90s pretty consistently, even when we’re lucky enough to get some rain. It sounds like a lot of you are dealing with scorching temperatures, too.

Whether you’ve just cleaned out your closet or are planning a visit to the thrift store, t-shirts and those oversized men’s tops seem to be pretty common. Rather than send those tired pieces to the landfill, you can use your sewing skills to give those tops a new life and beef up your summer wardrobe at the same time. Ready to get crafty?

Next>> Turn Two T-shirts into a Shirred Summer Top

[Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Joel Bedford]

3 thoughts on “DIY Upcycled Clothing for SUMMER!”

  1. Your video is so well done!  Thanks for uploading this easy DIY top.  I wear white clothes, it’s hot in Miami, I have a sewing machine, why not!!

  2. Tothineownselfbetrue13

    On the shirring do you use regular thread on the top and the elastic thread on the bobbin?

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