How-to: DIY Space Art for Our Nursery

DIY Space Art

What I love most about this project is its simplicity. It only takes a few supplies, and once you have your designs sorted, you can really churn these out! I had to stop myself after two, because they’re so easy and look so cute. I think two black and white pieces on the wall is plenty, though – we want lots of COLOR in our baby’s room!


  • old book – Of course, you’ll want to make sure you’re not cutting up a valuable first edition!
  • another book, magazines, or art you find online and print onto recycled paper – I used coloring book pages that I found using a Google image search.
  • paper scissors
  • non-toxic glue stick
  • reclaimed picture frame – I had these laying around the house, but you could also use thrift store frames.


1. Free your book pages. This really depends on the size of your frame. If your frame is bigger than the page, just measure and cut your book page to size. If the pages are almost exactly the size of the frame, ripping the page you want from the book is not a great idea, because you’ll have a torn edge that might peek out and look messy. Instead, look at your book’s spine, and you’ll see that the pages are glued in sections. Pull out the entire section, so you can get in there with a pair of scissors and reclaim the page you want to use.

2. Cut out the featured image for your piece. Use your scissors, carefully cut around the silhouette of the whole image.

3. Glue it! Lay the featured image you just cut out upside-down on a piece of scrap paper or cardboard, and use your glue stick to go around the outer edges. Gently place your featured image wherever you want on your book page. To smooth it down, do NOT rub the front of your piece – you might smear the ink! Instead, flip it over and use your fingers to smooth it down from behind.

4. Frame it. Pop that sucker into your picture frame, and you are all done!

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