How-to: DIY Space Art for Our Nursery

space collage

It’s super simple – and fun! – to create custom DIY art using old book pages!

Before we even knew whether we were having a boy or a girl, my husband and I knew that we wanted a space-themed nursery. We are what you might call “really big nerds,” and of course that means we want to steep this baby in the sci-fi themes that we grew up loving so much.

We’ve picked up a few art pieces at local craft markets, I whipped up 36 feet of shooting star bunting, and we’ve been covering the walls in science fiction, outer space goodness bit by bit. There’s one wall where I wanted to do a collage of framed space-themed art, and our collection was looking a little thin, so I decided to make some myself!

These simple art pieces were easy as pie to make, and I can’t wait to hang them up along with the TARDIS painting, robot print, and Space Invaders wall decals that we’ve picked up along the way.

Want to make your own space art? Click here for the tutorial!

Of course, if outer space and sci-fi aren’t for you, you can really use this tutorial to make any kind of art you like! It’s all about the featured image that you choose, so mix it up, and have fun!

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