DIY Home + Garden: DIY Prepper Projects that You Can Use Now

DIY Prepper Projects (1 of 1)
gas mask gardener photo via Shutterstock

What can preppers teach us about sustainable crafting?

A lot!

If you’re thinking about living your life after nuclear war/government shutdown/killer plague/zombies, then you’re thinking about making use of a society’s very limited pre-existing resources. You’re making an igloo out of empty milk jugs, not browsing the aisles of Hobby Lobby for adorable Disney-themed scrapbooking stickers.

Now, some prepper projects are meant to be used only after society has gone to hell. You’re not whipping out your powdered egg and potato jarred meals and rehydrating them for dinner unless you really HAVE to, you know? But other prepper projects…

…Well, my chickens might actually like for me to make them that trampoline chicken coop this summer.

[repostus]Sustainability Hits the Fan: 15 DIY Projects from Preppers (via sustainablog)

I’ll be honest: for years, I never considered the survivalist/prepper crowds as target audiences. I mean, we’re on totally different ideological wavelengths, right? I’m not into shooting things, and they likely think I’m a touchy-feely hippie…

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